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Verified by Visa Information

Payments with Visa Cards

Transactions carried out with your Visa Card are using a new Visa Service: Verified by Visa, which certifies that these transactions are being authenticated and secure. By confirming the identity of the card-owner, fraudulent electronic commerce transactions or disputable transactions are reduced, and is also a way to satisfy the anxieties of the consumer regarding online purchases.

What is Verified by Visa?

Verified by Visa is a new service that offers the Financial Institutions the possibility to authenticate the identity of the card-owner during the process of online payments incorporated into this Visa service.

Benefits of Verified by Visa

  • Higher security for the consumer to purchase via the Internet.
  • No special software applications are required by the card holder.
  • Easy to use. You only need a password and your Visa Card to perform your purchase.

How does it Work?

The card owner should subscribe, (only once), to the service, visiting the subscription site of its Bank Transmitter. During the process of subscription, a series of questions are formulated to the card owner (for security reasons), after whichyou choose a password to authenticate yourself, and agree on a phrase that will be used as a personal guarantee message allowing the Bank Transmitter to authenticate when carrying out a transaction.

3-D Secure: The Tecnology Behind Verified by Visa

The 3-D Secure protocol supports the new Visa payments service designed to perfect and to validate payments performed by Internet. 3-D Secure is a technology of authentication that uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and a Plug-in to the E-Commerce Server who reports and verifies the participants of a transaction regarding authentication

Purchases/Secure Payments and Confidentiality

Dear Customer, we understand that when using Internet Services to transmit confidential information, there exists a natural worry about the security of that website, particularly relating to credit cards or access codes. Likewise, the certainty of the identity of the website with which you are interacting should not be questioned. (Is he/she really the person who he/she says he/she is behind the webpage?)

Because of this, Voga Travel has implemented specific technology relating to this with the support of the industry leaders in the field.

In this way, VOGATRAVEL.COM counts on the leaders in security at the global level, which are Verified by Visa with the Certificate of Security issued by Verisign Secured, the Certification Authority (CA) known throughout the world.

Thus, when carrying out a payment through our webpage, and providing information of your Credit Card or other confidential information, Voga Travel provides a Secure Server, on which software (SSL, Secure Sockets Layer) encrypts the information before it is sent, preventing third parties from examining or hacking it during transmission.

SECURITY The Company uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL), the industry standard in transferring information to process your orders. The SSL encrypts, or translates, your order information into a highly indecipherable code, which is processed immediately. When you begin the transaction process, you will move into the secure area of our site. A warning window may pop up to notify you that you are entering this "safe" area. Once you have entered, the page address (URL) will change from http to https, to let you know you are in a secure area. You will remain in this secure zone for the entire transaction process.

A transaction protected by a Secure Server can be recognized when a padlock appears in your browser in the upper right hand side (if you are using Netscape) or in the lower right hand side (if you are using Internet Explorer).

In addition, it is always good to confirm that the site you are on offers the Certificate of Security provided to the business in question. To confirm this double, click on the padlock.

This way, we offer you the highest security standards in order to carry out your online transaction, respecting your privacy.